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Polli Pots + SFGirlbyBay blog

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Lovely Chelsea Jackson @hazelandscout has written a blog post about a ceramics obsession on @sfgirlbybay blog and has included some of my pots, tumblers and sake cups. Thank you very much Chelsea and Victoria! You can buy ivory tumblers as custom order now, also the green mugs with a handle.

Coffee shop in Dubai + Polli Pots tumblers

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January month was very busy to me :). I received the custom order from coffee shop in Dubai where I made 100 tumblers for coffee drinkers. 50 tumblers were ivory-creme ones that fit very well to caffe latte drinkers and 50 black ones, that are very rustic and organic. It is different to work with a larger order wheel thrown cups then just a set or 4 pieces. It will challenge You a big time :). Thank You very much Ayecha!

Polli Pots + Etsy + Adrianna Adarme

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