Polli Pots

Some of my grandmother´s oil paintings.....

Eeli PolliComment

I am blessed with being a member of the third generation of a family of famed artists from Estonia.  For those unfamiliar with my small native homeland, with a population of just 1.4 million Estonia is located just south of Finland separated by the Gulf of Finland and borders Russia to the East.  Estonia became a full member of the EU in 2004. 

The Polli artist family has a very interesting historical background, having lived in a country oppressed by Communism.  Estonia was under Russian occupation until finally being granted independence in 1991.  My parents and grandparents artwork has been influenced over the years by this tyrannical rule but they always found ways to express themselves.  Now at the third generation of the Polli family artists, it is interesting to see how style and subject has varied over time and generations. 

The Polli family comprises of the following members, each having their own unique style. You can find more in depth profiles on this site with some examples of there work.



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