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Coffee shop in Dubai + Polli Pots tumblers

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January month was very busy to me :). I received the custom order from coffee shop in Dubai where I made 100 tumblers for coffee drinkers. 50 tumblers were ivory-creme ones that fit very well to caffe latte drinkers and 50 black ones, that are very rustic and organic. It is different to work with a larger order wheel thrown cups then just a set or 4 pieces. It will challenge You a big time :). Thank You very much Ayecha!

Polli Pots + Etsy + Adrianna Adarme

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Polli Pots + Food magazine Glorian Ruoka & Viini + The Seventh Cup

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Happy Friday 🌿My unique brownish tumbler-teacup has been featured in Finnish magazine @glorianruokajaviini October issue 2018 👍 Lovely @petraahlman owns a tea webshop “The Seventh Cup” , where you can find my teacups! Thank you very much Petra! @pollipots @petraahlman #pollipots #feature #food #foodmagazine #tea #pots #tumbler #magazine #glorianruokajaviini

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